I can feel more and more how much you are getting tired of me. Everyday your answers are shorter. The time you take to answer though, is getting bigger everyday. I try not to remember about how you used to spam me with your texts when you wanted my attention. I try even more to forget how much I used to ignore some of them because I was so sure that you would love me forever.. as you used to say.

These are the words you will never read.

Hey. From now on, I will say everything I have to say here. You lost all your patience for me a while ago.. and you were my only friend. Now that you don’t love me anymore and you are gone, I’m all by myself. It hurts. It hurts so much. Talking helps but I can’t do it anymore. You can barely talk to me about anything… so I will talk here and try to relieve my pain. These are the words you will never read.